Challenge #6: Triskaidekaphobia!
Bronze Phoenix
Announcing: Numb3rs Team Challenge #6

Hello and Welcome to the year 2013: The year that has all TRUE triskaidekaphobics hiding under the bed and whining about how the world should have ended on 12/21/12 and spared them the horror of living through the 13th year of the new millennium.

For others, the idea that the number 13 is unlucky is laughable.

Which camp do you fall into? YES! Here’s the new Challenge! Write a story about the numb3r 13. Charlie Eppes, of course, would scoff at triskaidekaphobia. Will he be proven right or will fate step in to slap him down? What about Larry? Does his eccentricity run to triskaidekaphobia? Who might have a few closet superstitions? Who might think that 13 is a lucky number?

Category: All stories must be GEN.
Status: All stories must be COMPLETE.
Minimum Length: 13 words (Yes, 13.)
Maximum Length: 13,000 words.
All stories longer than 130 words must be hidden by LJ cuts.
Deadline: February 13, 2013.

How to enter?: Post your story and state which camp you’re in: Triskaidekaphobic or Scoffer.

Create a Challenge (Coffee vs. DeCaf) is over
Bronze Phoenix
Create a Challenge (Coffee vs. DeCaf) is over.

Create a Challenge is underway!
Bronze Phoenix
Well, still not getting much of a response, so I'm making some changes. The teams will be...
Coffee vs. DeCaf!

No prompts.

No sign ups, declare your team when you post your story. You may post as many stories as you want. One would be great. :-)

All stories must be complete. No WIP.

All stories must be posted by July 31st to qualify for voting.

The story, or a link to the story, must be posted in this journal.

If it’s posted here, please use lj-cuts.

Word Count: 400 - ?

No incest.

Any ideas for teams?
Bronze Phoenix
How about team Coffee vs. Team tea?

Coffee vs. DeCaf?

Tastes Great vs. Less Filling?

Don't be shy!

Speaking of shy... how about Introverts vs. Extroverts?

Numb3rs Team Challenge #5 - Create A Challenge!
Tornado Lightning
Welcome to Numb3rs Team Challenge #5 - Create A Challenge!

How this works:
Between now and May 31, I'm taking submissions for ideas for Teams. Each Teams nomination must have two opposite teams, as in Schmoop vs. Angst or Day vs. Night or Naughty vs. Nice.

Between June 1 and June 10 - Polls will be up. The set of teams will be the one that gets the most votes (or the one I like if nobody votes.)

Between June 11 and June 30, I'll be taking submissions for prompts. All prompt submissions will be included.

Story submissions will be between July 1 and July 31.

Voting will be between August 1 and August 31.

I find that rules make a challenge more… challenging.

1) All stories must be complete. No WIP.
2) All stories must be posted within the stated time periods to qualify for voting.
3) The story, or a link to the story, must be posted in this journal.
4) If it’s posted here, please use lj-cuts.
5) Word Count: 400 - ?
6) No incest.

Q: Can we do crossovers or A/U for this challenge?
A: Yes!

Q: Do the crossovers have to be logical? (As in, somebody that the Numb3rs characters might actually meet?)
A: I once wrote a crossover with Bugs Bunny. So... nope. Crack fic is fine.

Q: What's acceptable, Gen, Het or Slash?
A: All are acceptable. Only incest is excluded.

The End of the World Challenge has Ended
Cat's eye
And it ended with a whimper instead of a bang.

Announcing the End of the World... Challenge!
Tornado Lightning
I was planning a holiday challenge, but I think it's too late to start one now, so how about a 2012 Challenge? Yes, let's write about the end of the world!

You can take this as literally as you like. The end of the world (as in a meteor strike, the zombie apocalypse), the End of Civilization as We Know It (World War III, alien invasion), the End of Life as far as One of the Characters is Concerned ("What do you mean, Charlie's going to high school with me!?") or however serious or silly you want to make it.

The teams will be Fire vs. Ice (as per Robert Frost).

No prompts, take your cue from your team name.

No sign ups, just write and post for whichever team you favor. Write for both teams, if you want.

The End of the World Challenge Ends on March 4th at 11:59 Hawaiian Time.

And the winner is... Team Vampire!
Bronze Phoenix
It was close, but Lady Grey carried the day!

Thank you for participating. The polls are now closed.

The Werewolf vs Vampire challenge is OVER!
Bronze Phoenix
Polls will remain open until December. Thank you for participating, Lady Gray and Mustang Candi, you two are da bomb!

Animal I Become (David/Liz, R) - Team Werewolf
Ocean Wave
I could have sworn I had until today to post this but looking back a few posts, it seems I may be a day late? I thought I'd post anyway. Mod - delete if disqualified. Happy Halloween, ya'll.

Team Werewolf: Prompt - Change/Transformation

Title: Animal I Become
Pairing/Characters: David/Liz
Rating: R (adult situations)
Word Count: 423
Summary: She knows his secret.
Spoilers: None
Notes/Warnings: This is probably not exactly the fic you would expect with the challenge of Team Werewolf, but I make no apologies. I've been stressing about this fic for a month and pulled 300 words out of the air tonight to finish it. I'm sure it's not my best work but I figured this would be better than posting nothing at all. A big thank you to julietm, always my first reader and beta. You’re the best. ♥
Disclaimer: If you recognize it, regrettably - it's not mine.

This fic was written for the Vampire vs Werewolf challenge here at n3teamchallenge. To vote, please visit the following link: Vampire vs. Werewolf Poll.

Animal I Become (at my writing LJ)


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