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n3teamchallenge's Journal

Numb3rs Team Challenge
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Numb3rs fan fic challenges
Announcing: Numb3rs Team Challenge #6

Hello and Welcome to the year 2013: The year that has all TRUE triskaidekaphobics hiding under the bed and whining about how the world should have ended on 12/21/12 and spared them the horror of living through the 13th year of the new millennium.

For others, the idea that the number 13 is unlucky is laughable.

Which camp do you fall into? YES! Here’s the new Challenge! Write a story about the numb3r 13. Charlie Eppes, of course, would scoff at triskaidekaphobia. Will he be proven right or will fate step in to slap him down? What about Larry? Does his eccentricity run to triskaidekaphobia? Who might have a few closet superstitions? Who might think that 13 is a lucky number?

Category: All stories must be GEN.
Status: All stories must be COMPLETE.
Minimum Length: 13 words (Yes, 13.)
Maximum Length: 13,000 words.
All stories longer than 130 words must be hidden by LJ cuts.
Deadline: February 13, 2013.

How to enter?: Post your story and state which camp you’re in: Triskaidekaphobic or Scoffer.

Q: Can we do crossovers or A/U for this challenge?
A: Yes!
Q: Do the crossovers have to be logical? (As in, somebody that the Numb3rs characters might actually meet?)
A: I once wrote a crossover with Bugs Bunny. So... nope. Crack fic is fine.

Good luck, have fun and write when you get work!

Challenge Zero ended with a grand total of one story by Keenir/Rodlox, giving the win to Team Nice!
Challenge One, Team Cynic vs. Team Romantic was canceled.
Challenge Two ended with a clear victory for Team Hot!
Challenge Three ended with a win for Team Vampire.
Challenge Four ended with a whimper, due to lack of entries.
Challenge Five likewise ended with a whimper.